What Happens When a Supermodel Violates Your Copyright

A cautionary tale, via thegreyestghost:

What Happens When a Supermodel Violates Your Copyright


This post is something I’ve struggled with for months, and debated even writing. But it’s time to share my story, and explain why I’ve been absent.

Basically, the short version is Karlie Kloss improperly used one of my images. It showed up on her instagram account last September, without credit. (Point of reference: many of the images before and after mine are credited.)

As readers of my blog…

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Birthday party.


You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much of my own work lately. It’s not because I’m feeling uninspired or anything like that. I’ve actually been taking (and making) a lot of pictures in recent months, but the subject matter hasn’t always been relevant to this blog. However, I’ve been holding back some pictures from a few photo shoots that I’m finally able to share, so this weekend I’ll be posting all original work. I hope you like it.

Writing from Photographs

"Taking photographs changes the way we experience the world, but reviewing them can change the way we remember the experience."

Casey N. Cep, via newyorker.com.

Canon 35-350mm and 1.4x extender.

Goodnight moon.

Gridded off-camera flash.



An Instax WIDE back for Lomo cameras.

Print your photos.

Via Jonas Peterson:

Print your photos, my friends. Put them on walls, on fridges or in books, but just print them, ok? Every time you walk past that wall, you will remember that day and smile.

The Sex Pistols, London by Peter Vernon.

Hear the story behind this iconic photo here.